Recapping TFBSE w/ Thrasher and friends

When reviewing a day-long event, its almost impossible to think that one person's perspective could transmit the full story. To celebrate our second year of TFBSE, we've corralled all of the images, videos, words that made this year special. Check them out below and make sure to give love to the photographers if you re-post! Peace.


An excerpt of TFBSE review by Cecilia Johnson of The Current (photos by Emmet Kowler of MPR): 

Saturday night in Northeast Minneapolis, P.O.S’s F—ing Best Show Ever (TFBSE) illuminated the Minneapolis music scene. Set on Harrison Street next to Familia Skateshop headquarters in Northeast Minneapolis, TFBSE offered eight sets of music, a community-building experience... 

The first live band, Denitia and Sene, were two of the coolest artists I’ve seen in a long time. They combined minimal beats and dark synths with a mix of processed and smooth vocals, and when female vocalist Denitia met my eyes, I got a serious jolt of star power...

(image: Mike Madison)

Definitely the most punk group of the night, ho99o9 (pronounced “horror”) assaulted the crowd through a pair of extra Marshall speakers, their volume set (literally) to 10. The band took little time to deafen ears, minds, and inhibitions; after members theOGM and Eaddy joined touring drummer Ian Longwell on stage, they collectively bit into a grotesque set and spat it right out. Mosh pits exploded amid yells and unintelligible lyrics.

TheOGM stripped from his blood-stained, spider-insignia’d wedding dress down to a pair of shorts—he often had goosebumps while looming over the crowd, but when he wasn’t at the front of the stage, he crouched under a soundboard and loomed. Eaddy hopped the barrier and flailed with the crowd for a few moments, still yelling into his microphone as he collided with others and doubled over. Other key moments: when beer cans and eyeglasses went flying from the pit; when Longwell spat Pabst Blue Ribbon into the others’ mouths and then all over them; and when Eaddy used the mic to pantomine shooting the crowd and photographers. Innovative and disturbing, ho99o9 actually scared the hell out of me.

Once Big Freedia (pronouced “FREE-da”) hit the stage, the Queen of Bounce and her back-up dancers the Divas took the energy way up. Looped vocal tracks, spectacular dance moves, and lots of twerking ruled the stage throughout all of Freedia’s hits—for example, “Excuse,” “Y’all Get Back Now,” and “Gin In My System.” During “Azz Everywhere,” Lizzo and almost a dozen other artists joined the show and wobbled their bodies while Freedia chanted the song’s title. After the set ended, some in the crowd didn’t know what they had just seen. Others were quite sure; as a guy standing next to me explained, “That was 45 minutes of idolizing ass.”

...Due to Minneapolis sound ordinances—the very same ones that limited amplified music at Northern Spark that night—P.O.S’s set needed to end at 10:00. However, it didn’t. After he tried to say goodbye with, “I know it’s weird to leave you on a super long, mid-tempo new song, but that’s what the f–k we’re going to do,” cries of “One more song!” got him to think again. Before playing “Let It Rattle” from 2009’s Never Better, he just asked that “nobody call the cops.” TFBSE officially finished at 10:15.

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A recap video by our guy Kevin Horn -- for Thrasher -- of the Familia skate contest:

Our friends at Familia Skateshop recreated Hubba Hideout in their warehouse and threw a contest last weekend, handing out cash for NBDs and tribute tricks, in honor of Bust or Bail. Take a look at all the hammers that went down.

Posted by Thrasher Magazine on Monday, June 15, 2015


The people of TFBSE, by Mike Madison (Go96):

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