The Way I See It: Taco of Odd Future

interview by Jake Heinitz

illustration by Gangster Doodles

layout by Lindsay St. Clair



Young Thug and Gender Ambiguity in Atlanta

There’s a weird thing in Atlanta: there’s hood niggas and there’s weirdo dudes, and then there’s a mix between the two. Young Thug is the mix between the two, but to like the fifth power. He’s really grimy in the hood and really weird at the same time. I have cousins in Atlanta that will smack the dog-shit out of anybody in public and be totally fine with it, I’m talkin’ GRIMY, and they have painted nails. I don’t think gender roles are really changing though.


Following Your Dreams

My dad always explained it to me like: There’s a leader and a follower. Some people are just content having a normal job and a normal life but then there are the people that want to be the one making things happen.’ I don’t want to DJ forever, I want to throw parties. I want to own clubs in Vegas, L.A. and New York. I like watching people have fun, that’s what I get out of deejaying more than anything. Sometimes I’ll play a song that Tyler will hate and I’ll be like, “I don’t care T, cause they love it. I’m here to make them happy.”

Becoming the Official DJ of Odd Future

Deejaying really happened by accident. Clancy [Odd Future’s manager] threw me and Jasper on stage in Minnesota - because Syd [of The Internet and Taco’s sister] was tired of deejaying - and Jasper fucked it up. Later on that tour we were in Toronto, they threw me on stage and I did what I had to do. I deejayed off iTunes forever. I’m the best iTunes DJ on earth, I’ve done crowds of 50,000 while using iTunes. If I threw a party and didn’t have anything but iTunes I would be perfectly fine.


Armchair Activists

I hate when people talk about making a difference and don’t do shit, sitting on the computer tweeting about how bad Ferguson is. Why don’t you take your ass outside and march?  That’s a problem with the Internet Age is people that do shit like that. If I see you tweet some shit about Ferguson or “I can’t breathe” and haven’t been to any of the marches, I should beat your ass. Its trendy to not be racist.


He and Jasper’s Contribution to Odd Future

Me and Jasper just added a different thing that made it a little more fun. People would be like, ‘wow these niggas don’t do shit, they’re just having fun.’ No matter what any kid tells you, they want to be a rockstar and we made it so you could be a famous, normal kid. Because of that there’s nothing in my life that’s private anymore because I don’t feel like there’s much of a need [to be private]. Sharing my life on social media gives people something to grab onto and makes it feel more relatable.


Tyler, The Father Figure

He loves to teach and make people learn. Sometimes I’ll fuck up and he’ll pull me aside like, ‘yo, you gotta be better.’ He’d be a good ass dad. He’s just really motivated as a person, always about getting a step further towards the goal.