introduction and interview by Rita Future

design by Lindsay St. Clair


It would be a bold lie if I said it wasn’t the name JunglePussy that first charmed my attention. Unforgettable proper noun aside, the rugged-femme lyricism has kept internet fans fed with health-conscious, braggadocios, stripper-celebrating, Black Power bars.


“I seen you eating Mickey D's knew you didn't love yourself,

I'm up in Trader Joe's shopping cart full of health,” JunglePussy raps on her song “NAH.”

Although people can love themselves no matter what they eat, aggressive facilitation of nutrition advice is exactly what our community needs. The visuals for “NAH” - produced by JP’s long-time friend Vivian Luxx of The Suspects - are laced with health and body propaganda: fresh coconuts, asparagus and drinking water.


JP’s debut album Satisfaction Guaranteed is an audible manual detailing how to survive on self-love in Brooklyn. No apologies, JP’s authentic confidence is contagious. It is, by no means, all in a name...


Rita Future: A Google image search of you provides a mix of your regal face and a glorious spectrum of vulvas, most of them vintage, full bush. Have you always liked the word pussy? What draws you to the word?


JunglePussy: I definitely never thought of it as a negative word. You hear little neighborhood boys say, “Oh you a pussy,” but I also heard it used in neutral and positive ways, really it’s just a word. Dick is everywhere, Dick Cheney, Dick Van Dyke, so using “pussy” shouldn’t be a problem.


RF: I have a deep appreciation for your ode to strippers and “pussy muscle hustle” theme music. Do you have stripper friends appreciating “Cream Team?

Photo by Nancy Musinguzi at Greenroom's 2015 Valentine's Day Party

Photo by Nancy Musinguzi at Greenroom's 2015 Valentine's Day Party


JP: Oh yes, most definitely. When I made that song I really was thinking of women harnessing muscles in the vagina, whether it be actually flexing them [laughs] or taking that power to whatever hustle you’re about.


RF: My stripper mix needed an update! Our culture doesn’t give enough respect and love to dancers - it’s hard work!


JP: For real! People act like they don’t enjoy how strippers dance, how they keep lotion on their titties, that they’re bodies be sexy. All that and they’re reading books. People give strippers shit, but it’s a real job.


RF: As you bless the women in your video “NAH” there are three books sitting with you oceanside, Pussy Power Vol 1-3, what lessons do these volumes hold?


JP: Well, I know Volume One [laughs], Pussy Muscle:The Hustle; after you realize you have the power, it’s using it to your own ability and using it to take you where you want to go. So Pussy Power Volume One would be to liberate you, free you from all the people telling you that you can’t. You’ll be like, “What do you mean? Don’t you see I’ve got the pussy power?” [laughs] So “the hustle” is realizing that you have it and then seeing what you have to do to use it.


RF: Proclaim thy self, internal power! I do feel a new level of consciousness steaming up from the field. You did a video interview alluding to significant change, saying “Shit’s gonna happen and I want to be prepared.” What’s that about?


JP: There are times where I’m focused on myself and what’s going on with JunglePussy, there are times where I really look at the state of the community and times I really look at the state of the earth as a whole - because this is where we ALL are.

Remembering that we have to look within ourselves because the power is within ourselves. A lot of things are happening and we have no control over them. So thats why I’m like, let’s work out, let’s take our vitamins, let’s get our body ready.  Of course the government is not gonna tell us. Shit could get crazy, you never know what you’re gonna have to do. That’s what we have, the power to get our family strong and our people strong.


For head-knocking pussy-hustle raps: https://soundcloud.com/junglepussy

For words of wisdom: https://twitter.com/junglepussy

For visual vitamins: https://www.youtube.com/user/JUNGLEPUSSY