The Way I See It: Chester Watson

interview by Eamon Whalen

illustration by Gangster Doodles


Taking Breaks From Rap To Live Life

There are some limits to rapping where I’m like I don’t want to rap right now, like I can’t rap right now ‘cause I haven’t really experienced anything. What I try to do is take really long breaks in between making music to just experience life. Because if you’re just making music all the time, the only thing you can write about - that’s honest - is making music. That’s not fun to listen to. That’s why I like to go outside, walk around, skate, vibe out and experience life for what it is. 

Beats Talk, Chester Listens

The way I write is really like a collage. Beats talk, and some aren’t talking loud and some are talking really loud. And so, the ones that aren’t talking that loud, I’ll go talk to those beats and we have a good conversation. It’s a collage because I’ll jump to one idea, then cut in the middle of an idea to another one. But it will still flow because the way that I say it will blend nicely.

On The Appeal Of Eastern Philosophy

When I was 13, I was an atheist but as I got older I started learning about Confucianism and Taoism. All those Eastern philosophies really trump Western religion, in my opinion. I think that way of life is so much more humble. That’s why I cling to it because it’s solemn. It’s all about not trying to destroy what’s around you, but embrace it, build around it while still knowing your place in the world. 

Embracing Chaos

People are always trying to create a system of organization, but in nature nothing is organized. Look at the tree limbs, they’re not in straight rows. They grow how they want to grow. I think that’s how we should do things, just do what you want. If they cut down the tree, it’s your death, but if they look at the tree first, they’ll see how nice it is. You don’t want them to be like ‘this is just another tree,’ you want them to say, “That tree is wild I kind of don’t want to cut it down.” If you can do that, that’s the dopest shit ever.