Alicia Steele Cooks Righteous Meals #01

illustration by Ariel Elliot


Pulling vibrations from the garden, her speakers, and community change, join Alicia as she seeks easy ways to keep your body running on healthy, righteous foods.



“That looks like some hippy shit...”


Inside the heavy ceramic bowl more resembles a Jordan Hamilton painting, full of vibrant life: multiple shades of green, textures of red, yellow, and brown nearly spilling over the brim - my homie is skeptical. I laugh, “What does that even mean?” He hovers over the bowl, idly examining its contents. “It just looks healthy, I guess.”

It’s true, it was very healthy, my favorite salad to bring to potlucks because of how it tends to surprise people and simultaneously disappear. Still, upon first reveal, I get a lackluster response - ha! I’m used to it by now, but really - I want to start reclaiming the way we eat. Knowing the value of fueling our bodies ain’t “hippie” shit, it’s a ritual that is slowly fading from our psyche. A real dangerous place to be, especially for struggling people. We need our bodies and our minds to be working in tip-top shape. Recognize that eating a healthy diet will strengthen you by improving your mental capacity and potential to grow. As our attention spans diminish and our eyes vigilantly wait for Twitter to refresh, we are further separating ourselves from many real life experiences, a big one being food.


Simply said, when bodies are weak, they are vulnerable. The obvious being some severe health problems, but even if disease is not an outcome, excessive sugar, salt, and bad fats (innocent as they seem and as enticing as big business makes them) are slowing us down. Food that physically allows our mind to think clearer will support productivity in our lives, thereby feeding our future goals.


Deciding to put righteous food into our bodies doesn’t need to happen all at once, and it will take some shifting of how we see food - real food. It takes support from each other and shifting our schedules to make time for ourselves. Do it for your body. I’m still working on mine, too. Together let’s re-learn new ways to get bright, living, righteous foods back into our daily rituals, supporting growth within ourselves and thus our community.

Bring it back, y’all.



+Can you read the ingredients label? If not, look up what you’re eating and see if you vibe with it.

+Start by monitoring your sugar intake. Our bodies don’t need nearly as much as we eat, check where it’s hiding in ingredients.


Try Making This:

Spicy Mango Bowl

2 mangos, on the greener side

1/2 lime

1 T fresh ginger (grated)

1/3 c young coconut meat (chopped)

1/4 c chopped cashews

1 T minced red onion

1 T cilantro mixed greens

1/2 t chili oil salt (optional)


Peel and slice the mango, place in large bowl. Crack open that young coconut and retrieve the meat, cut into small cubes and add to bowl. Toss mango and coconut with chili oil, cilantro, salt, ginger, lime, red onion, coconut, and cashews - taste for desired spice level. Wash and pat dry the mixed greens and place in serving bowl. Pour mango salad mixture on top of the greens. Toss right before serving at the table - enjoy!


c = cup. T = Tablespoon. t = teaspoon.


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