Greenroom Premiere: Abdi - Yolo Remix [prod. Psymun]

When we were planning the launch of our online component, just like the magazine - we wanted to make an emphasis on aligning ourselves with artists we find most interesting or promising.  Abdi immediately came to mind as an artist that I wanted to feature on Greenroom as soon as possible. Good thing we linked up with him for this premiere, because unbeknownst to me, Abdi is set to to jet home to Somalia for the next six to eight months today, though he assured me he'd be back in the Twin Cities before long. 


So on our second official day we present the premiere of Abdi's remix of fellow Greenroom favorite Psymun's song "Yolo". Much like Psymun, Abdi shows a grounding in hip hop, but feels no need to be restricted by conventions, adding in voices and adlibs within his gritty, cocksure delivery that would make Madlib proud. Stream/download the track below and all the best to Abdi on his next chapter in life, we'll be waiting on his return.