DJ Breon's Dooky Booty Bass Drop Mix Vol. 1

This is the start of something great: DJ Breon's Dooky Booty Bass Drop Vol. One. A bi-weekly collection of her favorite hip-hop, r&b and indie music from the past 14 days (or so). This first volume features a list of up-n-comers while also mixing in some mega hits like the one from Jeezy and Hov (bet you didn't know that was produced by a St. Paul-bred beatsmith, huh?). With each mix, she will also choose a featured artist and this time around its Gangster Doodles. Check the mix below and also a description of a few of her favorites from the list. #dookybootybassdrop



The Standard: Decisions - The up and coming Minnesota group consisting of  Allan Kingdom, Bobby Raps, Spooky Black and Psymun follows up their first single “Doors” with the wavey-mellow-toned “Decisions”. The groups new track will have you adding a few more hundred plays to the 218,000 plus. Spooky makes his presence felt by mixing his melodic voice with his grungy lyrics. The success of each members solo career, keeps you guessing on what they are going to come up with next.


Leikeli47: F*ck The Summer Up - The secretive Leikeli47 who will not disclose any personal information about herself comes straight forward on this gritty track “F*ck The Summer Up”. With hard hitting lyrics matching the bass, you can tell that New York City has influence her sound. She doesn’t come like most female rappers with glitz and a poppy sound her timb boots and a ski mask let it be known that she will not only f*ck up the summer but also any one you tries her.


Young Jeezy ft. Jay Z: Seen It All - Any time Jeezy and Hov get on a record together get prepared to randomly be in your kitchen trying to cook up a brick. Following up his single “Me Ok” we may be seeing the return of The Snowman. After his tenure in dabbling in the west coast sound Jeezy has made his return to the trap coming with a bass heavy track laced with a smooth sample. And Jay Z makes it known on the track that he still knows what he is doing with them bricks. So get your baking soda and stoves ready cause Jeezy just cooked up another one. Side note: this track was produced by Cardo, born and raised in St. Paul MN.


Jordan Rakei: All For Something - Mr. Rakei’s refreshingly raw soulful voice will have you begging for more on this short two minute track “All for something”. This Brisbane based artist has been floating around the internet for the past year blessing us with his debut EP Franklins Room along with a hand full of covers and original singles. The simple beauty of the production adds a nice groove to the mesmerizing lyrics.


Allan Kingdom: Context - From Allan Kingdoms newest EP Future Memories, “Context” the song speaks on the progression of Allan’s craft over the years, this song does a damn good job backing it up. The unique melodies carry the impact of the truthful lyrics and the crispness of the production. The influence of Kid Cudi and Plain Pat linger in the back of this jam, helping keep the underdogs in their feelings.