Østlandet’s best kept Somali secret, OMVR

words by mohamed samatar

photo by magne risnes


photo by stephen butkus

photo by stephen butkus

The legacy of European colonialism continues today through the ‘epidemic’ of immigration. The nation of Somalia currently has nearly one-tenth of its native population living abroad, with Norway alone containing a significant portion of this diasporic community. Omar Mohamed 'OMVR’, is the distinct 27 year-old based in Oslo (Norway) currently hovering on a catapult of artistic excellence. Originally from the beautiful country of Somalia, OMVR’s debut single “Hold You Back” defines the woes of a young black immigrant in Europe and shines a bright sunny light on the virtue of the emigrant in our world. After reaching the semi-finals in the first season of Norway’s “The Voice” in 2012, OMVR began to focus on discovering his own unique sound. He delved into the world of songwriting, never ceasing to combine his signature soulful vocals with fat house-y kicks. “Hold You Back", is backed by a drummer, synth patnah and three wonderful singers... In other words: It’s that bump, it’s that bump, it’s that thing that’ll make you jump.