The Greenroom Sessions 002

While our first Greenroom Session brought together Twin Cities-based artists with disparate but complimentary sounds, our second features a lineup that are all creating music on a similar "Cloud R&B" centered sonic plane.

Su Na is a producer and certified Ableton-live instructor whose beats combine warm, subtle synths over ticking production. After spending two years making music in San Francisco, he returned home to Minneapolis last year and is currently prepping his upcoming EP entitled Surface. The famed German-based online music platform and digital label Majestic Casual will release the project, and recently featured a song from Surface on each of their Apple Music Beats 1 Radio shows this past December. 

A notable feature on Su Na's EP is another artist who will share the stage on Friday, Dizzy Fae, an 17-year old vocalist from St. Paul whose debut video Color Me Bad we premiered this fall. Even with the little material she's released, Dizzy has a remarkably mature aesthetic for a high-schooler and a ear-catching satin voice, earning her opening slots for Kehlani and Polica this winter.

Falls and Drk are two producers who in the past year moved their residences to be in greater proximity to their then-online collaborative partner, another St. Paul teenage wunderkind, Corbin. Falls hails from London and Drk from Delaware - together, their sound is an ambient experience, reserved and occasionally quite haunting. While their earlier collaborations were strictly over soundcloud, since moving to Minneapolis they've been able to develop their live show, opening for Bobby Raps and Corbin's Couch Potato EP release party this summer. 

Rounding out the bill will be our intern Asher, also known as DJ Micropenis. Its been said by his mentor Tiiiiiiiiiip that "Micro entered the game at an alarming rate," and we agree. Although this Berklee-bound high school drummer has yet to release any solo material, we've seen him DJ everything from country clubs to parking lots, making him the unofficial Yoda of Yump for his generation.