Pop, Lock And Recap 10/13 Edition

words and artwork by Badhaftu Kadir


Kid Cudi penned a heartfelt letter to fans and the public on his Facebook page discussing his depression and his ultimate decision to get help. While most people showed support, there were of course a few people telling him to toughen up. Though awareness on mental health issues continues to grow in our society some people still don't get it. So do your damn Googles. 

Ben and Jerry’s released an eloquent statement on their support for Black Lives Matter but of course people had to wild out. While nothing they said was new or shocking or otherwise, some people took it poorly. To say the least.

Roger Goodell, the Tyrannical and the NFL are gonna start fining teams for posting non approved content on social media as a response to declining primetime viewership. Because that makes sense?! 

Another one bites the dust. Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks Colin Kaepernick kneeling is “dumb and disrespectful.” When will our favs stop embarrassing themselves?!

ASAP Rocky is the newly appointed Creative head of MTV Labs. He's getting busy teasing this promo including Lil' Uzi Vert and vintage labs themes

Thank you sprite for ruining Minnesota’s best anthem and halloween costumes all around the world with this bizarre commercial featuring LeBron James and Lil' Yachty.

While the latest debate seemed more like reality tv than a serious presidential undertaking, there was one unfortunate star of the night. Ken Bone, an undecided voter, quickly and inexplicably became a meme.


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 Cranes In The Sky - Solange (Kaytranada Dj Edit)

Asari Love Song - Kitty

Icy Lil Bitch - Gucci Mane

Never Alone In A Dark Room -  Ricky Eat Acid



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