Listen to Proper-T's AstralBeat Theories Part 1

words by Eamon Whalen

In one of the cover stories in the most recent issue of The FADER, Rawiya Kameir wrote about the plans of the members of The Internet to all release their own solo projects in the coming year. When members of a band embark on solo endeavors it usually spells trouble, but it can also allow members to work through ideas and follow impulses without the pressure or expectations of making them gel collectively. In The Internet's case, it's proof things are going as planned.

The same could be said about ZULZULUU and their series of solo projects entitled the AstralBeat Theories, that will be released in step with the band's month-long residency at Icehouse starting this Thursday. The first installment comes from Taylor "Proper-T" Johnson, ZULUZULUU's lead vocalist and keyboard player. The sound of his five-song EP is scaled back, diverting from ZULUZULUU in sonic scope but retaining the same eclectic, timeless aesthetic. 

Before the first night of their residency on Thursday, Greenroom will be hosting FREQUENCIES, an art installation inspired by the AstralBeat Theories featuring artwork by Michael Cina and photography by John Klukas. A little more about the event is below.

FREQUENCIES is a project about collaboration, process, ancestry and shared experience. It was greatly inspired by the Minneapolis creative community and the creators that have come before us -- those who shaped the culture that surrounds and embodies us today. The work that is included in FREQUENCIES was conceived during the production of album artwork for Zuluzuluu’s four part EP series; AstralBeat Theories, to be released in conjunction with their residency at Icehouse. What began as an album cover design project, evolved into a collaborative work of art spanning 10 Minneapolis-based artists, producers and musicians. The result is a visual installation that follows a collaborative artistic process that crosses disciplines and blurs the lines between musician, subject, photographer, stylist, art director, painter, designer and producer.