Listen to Gabriel Garzón-Montano's "Sour Mango"

words by Eamon Whalen

You probably don't know the name Gabriel Garzón-Montano yet, but you've probably heard his music. The Brooklyn-based singer and producer's song "6 8" was repurposed by the king of repurposing lesser known artists songs for his benefit, Drake, for his song "Jungle." "6 8" came from Garzón-Montano's must-listen 2012 EP Bishouné-Alma del Huila, a nod to his French and Colombian heritage. Garzón-Montano combines his take on modern soul music with the classical and avant-garde music passed down from his mother, a singer who once played with the Phillip Glass ensemble, and salsa and cumba from his father. Like all his music, Sour Mango is gorgeously layered, in a way that listening to him makes you feel like you're floating through a warmly-lit lounge in a dream state. Four years after Bishouné, and nearly two years after the Drake success, his debut LP, Jardín is due out on January 27th on what looks to be a perfect fit, Los Angeles' Stones Throw Records.