WILLS drops impassioned new single, "WEEPS"

words by Evan Winter

After releasing his self-titled debut EP in August, St. Paul-based singer and songwriter WILLS is back again with a heavy new single, "WEEPS." 

The bittersweet song is bursting at the seams with emotion. WILLS, with a seductive voice that quivers with tenderness at times, and rings loud and strong at others, "I can call on him / He can call on me / Sometimes I just need two ears that can hear me weep."

The song is noticeably busy, in the best way. A subtle, old-timey piano sample is immersed in a deluge of synths, horns and drums that seems to crash all at once, topped with contorted vocal samples and bone-rattling bass. Like much of WILLS' recent work, the abrasive, heavy sounds and dynamic use of space gives "WEEPS" a distinct futuristic feel. 

WILLS gave Pigeons & Planes a brief – yet illuminating – description of the new track:

"*Weeps is a song about the dynamism of tears; ranging from silent cries to loud moans.
*Weeps is a song about crying as a shared language that transcends time/space.
*Weeps is a song about making spaces to hear quiet and codified communication."

Check out the new song below.