Pop, Lock And Recap 11/7 Edition

words and artwork by Badhaftu Kadir

Another Halloween comes with another round of baller costumes. Queen Bey and family didn't disappoint, dressing up as Barbie and Ken doll.  While Hilary Duff and beau dressed as a pilgrim and a Native American, because what's cuter that colonization?!

In the week's saddest news Vine is shutting down after giving us 3 years of sheer joy. Let's hope with there archiving system they make it easy to search through old vines. 

The teensare back it again with a new viral sensation called the #MannequinChallenge. It's a simple as it sounds with people freezing into an often funny frame with a person panning with a camera over the scene. Many people were using Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles song so the boys decided to get in on the fun at a stop in Denver. 

Glamour magazine named Bono their firs ever Man of the Year, citing his work with non profits dedicated to women and girls. While I’m sure Bono is doing great work helping women i’m also pretty sure there is no shortage of women doing as much, if not more out there. It seems really counterproductive to name a man in a women of the year spot, I’m sure they could have just given him an honorable mention or maybe just created a new category.

Lil' Wayne had an interview on Nightline, and when the reporter asked him his thoughts on Black Lives Matter he exclaimed that there didn't need to be a name on it and that he was rich ending the statement with “My life matters, especially to my bitches." He would later go on to apologize days later, citing the reporter asking him inappropriate questions about his daughter earlier in the interview as the cause of his agitation and uneducated answers. Really it's just an excuse apology and it would have been more sincere had he said, "I made a mistake and here’s what I really think."


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#Worst - Section Boyz ft Skepta

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This is a week to get things done keep your nose to the grindstone. Here's your week