Pop, Lock And Recap 12/12 Edition

words and artwork by Badhaftu Kadir

The Grammy nominations were announced this week and of course, drama ensued. Rihanna, Ms. petty herself, liked a fan's Instagram post stating she should have been nominated for the album of the year, and insinuated it was Beyonce's fault. After the story blew up further online, RiRi addressed it and claimed she never read the caption and that we don't need to be pitting black women against each other.

Chance the Rapper made quite the splash and garnered 7 nominations after lobbying the Grammys to accept his free, streaming-only album for consideration.

While it sucks for a basketball team to get blown out, it sucks even more when the opposing bench is completely ignoring the game and engaged in the water bottle challenge. LeBron and company, couldn't bother with the Knicks to pay attention. Instead, they practiced flipping water bottles. The disrespect, sheesh.

Soulja Boy left "Love and Hip Hop" because it was bad for his brand, yet here we are watching him embroiled in not one, but two beefs. The first is with movie star and that guy from your freshman dorm who won't stop rapping, Shia Labeouf, who took shots at the Soulja in a freestyle. Since then Soulja has banned Shia from Atlanta and said he would negotiate the ban for a movie deal. Soulja then took shots at the real prince of Atlanta, Quavo, stating he introduced him to Travis Scott and Sean Kingston, because you know he deserves this acknowledgement! He also posted a picture of what seems to be a QVC chain and screenshots of conversations. I really hope Quavo ignores him for the rest of his life and continues to make fire music something, Soulja seems to be struggling with.

Tomi Lahren got more than enough press this week after talking to the Daily show's Trevor Noah. Then, after being spotted walking through Manhattan with the rising conservative pundit, Charlemagne took to question why woke women of color weren't using their platforms like Tomi. Rightfully, he got dragged, and later tried to clarify and eventually named himself "donkey of the day." People need to stop feeling like they have to engage or hear out the "other side" when they blatantly don’t care about facts. You can dress it up any way you want –– from the alt right hipster to a blond-haired 20-something -- racism is racism.

After cancelled shows and a hospital stay, Kanye West has been seen out and about with a new blond hairstyle visiting Rick Owens Exhibition. Let's pray he’s on an upward swing.


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