Jack Garratt Unveils Uplifting New Single "Surprise Yourself"

British singer Jack Garratt has captured the attention of many people on both sides of the pond over the last year. With tracks like "Weathered" and "Breathe Life" under his belt, Garratt's debut album Phase drops this Friday with much anticipation.

To give fans one last taste of what to expect from the album, Garratt took a trip to BBC Radio 1 to visit Annie Mac. Featured as her 'Hottest Record In The World,' Mac debuted what happens to be the oldest record featured on Phase titled "Surprise Yourself."

Carefully layered instrumentation and hints of synth lend itself to Garratt's smooth vocal delivery. Standing the test of time, Garratt reveals that " Surprise Yourself" was recorded over three years ago. You can keep up with Jack Garrett on Twitter and pre-order Phase on iTunes before its Friday release.