Drelli Connects with Chicago's Warhol.ss

Familiar with viral videos? If so, South Minneapolis emcee Drelli's latest track "TWPL" will have have a familiar ring. With a cut of 'deez nuts' carefully looped in, the laid back beat provides the perfect platform for Drelli and Chicago artist Warhol.ss to float effortlessly while trading verses. While Drelli's discography continues to grow tossing out singles like "Leveled Up" and "16 OUNCES," Warhol.ss released a new EP titled Watch earlier this month that has brought him attention from the likes of Supa Bwe (Hurt Everybody), wifisfuneral, Pollari, and more. 

Drelli will be performing this Sunday at Greenroom Sessions #3, along with Finding Novyon, Webster X and tiiiiiiiiiip - grab your tickets HERE