Greenroom Sessions #3

On February 28th, we're hosting our third and final installment of the Greenroom Session series. For this edition we've gone Hip Hop-Centric and extended our reach across state lines. Along with Minneapolis emcees Finding Novyon and Drelli, Milwaukee's eccentric Webster X will grace the stage at the Triple Rock, hosted by Tiiiiiiiiiip.

South Minneapolis' Drelli is still a fresh name on the local scene, but even within a limited catalogue he's shown versatility, shifting between a lazy and higher energy free-associate flow depending on the song. Moving to the north side of the city we have Finding Noyvon, who has discovered an audience in Minneapolis and beyond, following the breakout of his song  "Lots," with Allan Kingdom. Novyon is looking to build on the momentum of his 2015, which include a strong co-sign from Red Bull's music program that landed him in Los Angeles this fall opening up for Mick Jenkins and Big Sean. Its also been rumored that Novy has been in the studio with Sonny Digital, and will be performing much of that new material at this show.

Despite being a city notably larger in population than Minneapolis, the output from Milwaukee's Rap scene had been relatively quiet until the past few years, when new wave of artists started making ripples across the internet. Among the most promising of them is WebsterX, who has caught our attention for having an imaginative, widescreen approach to his music and visuals, which are self-admittedly post-Kid Cudi.