Meet Our New Advice Columnist, DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip

Do you ever wonder about what to do next in life? Do you ever feel like your judgement is clouded about an important decision or ethical dilemma, say a conflict between friends, a job change, or even what you're going to wear on Saturday night? Do ever wish you had someone with the proper qualifications to help you wade through these anxieties? Fortunately Greenroom has found just the person, DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip. 

Starting next month, the party-thrower, budding gender binary-defying fashion icon and Soundset '16 main stage DJ will be providing advice on all your most pressing wonders. Send any and all burning questions to today (or tonight, if the moon has you feeling some type of way). 

P.S. If desired, you can remain anonymous and any names will be changed to protect identities.