Watch South Florida Singer Twelve'Len's "My Baby"

words by Eamon Whalen

Over the past week or two, I haven't been able to stop playing the last song -- If Tomorrow's Not Here -- on Denzel Curry's latest album Imperial. Next to Curry's vulnerable, truth-to-power raps, the song's driving force is the gripping hook by Vares Joseph, lead singer of Twelve'Len a Miami indie-pop trio (or once-trio, Vares now appears to be the sole proprietor of Twelve'Len)  that's loosely affiliated with Curry's C9 collective. 

Yesterday Twelve'Len released the first single -- My Baby -- from the upcoming album Friends. On the surface Friends is a sweet, perhaps even saccharine love-letter to a romantic partner, but as Vares explained via tweet, the song's origins are much darker than what appears on the surface. As you watch the video, you may think that Vares strongly resembles Curry, but as he testifies, it's just a south Florida thing.