Listen To Nazeem and Spencer Joles Debut "The Album"

words by Eamon Whalen

Nazeem has been one of the most exciting new voices in the Twin Cities for the past couple years, from scene-stealing verses on Atmosphere's Southsiders remix posse cut, as well as songs like Children Of The Corn with his pops Muja Messiah to his song "Fuck Up," which remains one of my favorite local rap songs from 2015. Much like Muja, he's relentless in his lack of fucks to give, and says shit that makes your head spin like, "I fed a rich kid crack from a silver spoon, like this will heal the wounds and give them something for the news." 

Yesterday, Nazeem and frequent collaborator, fellow southsider and rapper and producer Spencer Joles released their debut album as a duo, simply titled The Album. Entirely produced by Joles, it's at once adventurous, versatile and irreverent as the duo juggles different styles, forms and moods throughout the thirteen tracks; from uplifting, self proclaimed "new soul shit" to swampy, skin crawling weed songs, to their best attempts at on-trend slurry auto-tune singing.