Listen To Madison Rapper Trapo's New Project SHE

words by Eamon Whalen

Madison, Wisconsin is not often regarded as a bastion of good rap music. To my knowledge, the city's most notable contribution to #theculture is the University's First Wave Program (Phonetic One forever). But much like neighboring city Milwaukee, Madison appears to have a scene on the rise. Leading the pack is a dynamic seventeen-year-old rapper named Trapo who just released SHE, a ten track project that you should tilt your ears towards.

Trapo first caught my attention with songs leading up to the release of his last EP Black Beverley Hills, which featured a guest spot from our friend Allan Kingdom. As you may have guessed, SHE is preoccupied with women. While that's not unfamiliar territory for a heterosexual male in his late teens, Trapo's full-throated sing-song rapping about romance and relationships carries a level of honesty and sophistication beyond his years. Most importantly, Trapo has that undeniable quality that I look for in a new artist: a charismatic, well developed vocal delivery and the charming ability to pull you into a world that's vaguely familiar yet remains all his own.