Sound Tells No "Lies," Felix Snow and SZA are a Perfect Sonic Match

Photo via  Soundcloud

Photo via Soundcloud

Words by Taylor Lovaas 

TDE Queen and general artistic badass SZA has molded together an incredible sound over the last few years dating back to her debut EP See.SZA.Run. Fresh off her weekend one performance at Coachella the singer/songwriter has been brought in by frequent collaborator Felix Snow for "Lies," a track unlike any other the St. Louis native has ever touched.

Responsible for crafting laid back bell-tones and airy synth for SZA on both S ("Ice Moon," "Castles," "Pray") and Z  ("Julia") EP's, Snow moves in a much different direction by transitioning SZA into a full out dance-ballad star. Head movement is not required but highly encouraged while listening to the track that will end up on Snow's forthcoming compilation project Nukes In The Kitchen