Watch the Pulp Fiction Inspired Video for Lake 80's by Metasota

Nearly every project the Twin Cities' Metasota has released has involved a time constraint of some kind. His two volumes of his Happy I'm Present series were made under self-imposed, social media announced deadlines. A few years back, he did the unthinkable with Meta May, recording and releasing a song every day for the month. Despite all this, he still established himself as a top notch lyricist, one of the best rapper's rappers in a city that's full of them. That's why everyone who appreciates the craft of emceeing should be excited that Meta has spent nearly two years working on his next project, #RUMDMT.

Meta unveiled the first single from #RUMDMT today in the form of a Pulp Fiction inspired video to Lake 80's, featuring production from longtime collaborative partner Tek and a chorus from Reefa Rei. If you like strong rapping and Jucy Lucys press play.