Pop, Lock And Recap May 17 Edition: Skai Jackson and Rougned Odor Are Winning

words and artwork by Badhaftu Kadir


In a new reoccurring column, each week Badhaftu Kadir will give an irreverent and insightful rundown of the past week's pop cultural happenings, music and reading recommendations, and more.


The benevolent beauty Rihanna announced that her Clara Lionel Foundation will be offering college scholarships to students attending an accredited four-year university in the U.S applications being accepted until June 10th for 2016. Thank you Based Rihanna.


I’m always down with things that make having parties easier. Flo Music launched their own iOS app allowing users to create group playlists using music from Spotify Soundcloud or your phone. So now that one friend who is always complaining can add music and you can delete it all from the comfort of your phone!


 The ever so eloquent Charles Barkley asked Dwight Howard on Inside the NBA (as he filled in for Shaq) why people didn't like him. Obviously it's great conversation starter to ask people what's wrong with them.


A$AP mob has blessed us with a trippy video for their A$AP Yams tribute track, Yamborghini High.


If you find yourself like many Americans looking to move to Canada at the prospect of a Trump presidency look no further than Maple Match. A dating service that pairs up Americans with Canadians for just this reason. Unfortunately, you will be living in a post-beard Drake Canada.


Steph “Chef Curry with the Pot Boy” won the NBA’s first Unanimous MVP title, his second in two years. Under Armour celebrated with a “Back 2 Back” pack of sneakers to honor the star.


Celebrities, they're just like us, as in sub-tweeting their ex’s on Twitter. Safaree Samuels, ex-boyfriend to Nicki Minaj is suing her for emotional and physical abuse according to the rapper. This led to Nicki letting off a barrage of tweets about Safaree and his seeming obsession with her. Samuels took to the Fader to release a statement through his lawyer about not engaging in a media battle.


360-with-the-chain-boy Rougned Odor punched Jose Bautista after he believed the Toronto blue jay intentionally slid into him on second base.


Didn't they tell you I was a savage? Unfortunately, no one told Azealia Banks, who got into a twitter beef with Disney channel star Skai Jackson, best known for her role on Jessie but most recently as a meme. I'll tell you once, I'll tell you twice, teens are the scariest subsection on the internet because they are old enough to get things but not really old enough to understand the consequences. This leads to them ethering people without qualms. Surprisingly this was probably the tamest thing the rapper had going on this week. After some offensive comments towards Zayn, Banks was dropped from a London music festival and a few days later blocked from Twitter. Banks followed up with an apology via Instagram a few days later after she had time to think. While there is no arguing that the rapper said some horrible shit, let us not forget there are people out here doing the same thing on a daily basis on Twitter and NOT getting banned. I mean if Twitter is really about this banning life can we please get Donald Trump out the paint?



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