Pop, Lock and Recap May 3 edition: Lil'Kim, Iggy, Becky and Beyonce Walk Into a Salon...

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In an unfortunate turn of events internet sensation Joanne the Scammer got scammed out of her own twitter page hopefully this was all an elaborate scam on us all.


It's nice to see one thing going well for Kesha. She’s back in the studio and gave us this rework of Zedd’s True Colors.


As the saying goes, turn lemons into lemonade. Or, in Birdman's case turn viral embarrassment into profit, following the Breakfast Club interview he has begun to sell shirts that say “put some respek on my name.”


Speaking of lemons, Beyonce’s lemonade is rightfully being submitted to the Emmy’s in their variety category.


Rap’s favorite mogul Puff Daddy is retiring to focus on his acting because obviously you can't be a genius at more than one craft at a time. Of course, he's not leaving without putting out one last album. Let's hope your boy is cast in some fire roles.


Prince’s passing has been hard to deal with for everyone, especially since nobody saw it coming, watch this beautiful tribute D'Angelo did on Jimmy Fallon.


What a time to be a white male in Hollywood. Daniel Radcliffe recently spoke about how shocked he was the gender gap was still a thing and is happy people like Jennifer Lawrence are talking about it.


Rapper entrepreneur and future Grammy winner Soulja Boy hinted on his twitter that he just closed a 400 million deal. Who knows what's it for but the once teen sensation has definitely surpassed most people's expectations of him and the 9th-grade Soulja boy chat room aficionado fangirl me is happy for the glo up.


There is so much I could say about this new video Trinidad James dropped, from the Coolio-like hair to Mystikal returning from the grave, to the body shaming of slim girls to the joke that is Lil Dicky continuing. You’ll just have to watch it for yourself.


Deflategate is the gift that just keeps on giving, a U.S. appeals court reinstated Brady’s 4 game suspension and it's fair to assume the star quarterback will be looking at all his options moving forward.


With summer around the corner, crop top season is in full swing and it looks to have gotten a new member with Ezekiel Elliott, a top NFL prospect who wore a button down crop shortly before being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. I hope this trend spreads to the NBA and Russell Westbrook and co embrace it.


Former laker player himself Luke Walton is going to be the new head coach hopefully he can get the team back on track in the post-Kobe era.


Lil Kim has made waves after debuting a new look on her Instagram, where the star appears visibly lighter and seems to have had more plastic surgery that has left the rapper almost unrecognizable. Kim has been steadily changing her face for the last 15 years or so and has stated in previous interviews that her looks were always a place of contention for her and that men have put her down before for her facial features and skin tone. While I believe people can do whatever they want to their bodies I think it's really unfortunate that Lil Kim’s changes stem from society's expectations of beauty.


Iggy Azalea popped back in the news this week when a series of her tweets on “Becky with the good hair,” in Beyonce's Lemonade turned into a larger discussion. It all started when someone tweeted hi Becky at the celeb, which led to Azalea citing the term as offensive and not to call her it, which is fine. But then it spiraled into her saying  “Don't call all Asian women “ming lee” don't call white women ‘becky” and don't call black women “sha nay nay.” After receiving some heat from the Bey Hive, the rapper distanced herself from original statements and explained she liked the album and didn't think Becky was a racial slur after all. 

First and foremost let's get this out of the way right now, Reverse Racism doesn't exist. Has the term Becky in the past been used as a metaphor for promiscuous white women cemented from the Plies song with the same name? Sure. Do I think Beyonce meant to use the word in the same light? No. In the song, Beyonce says Becky with the good hair, good hair is a term used in the African American community to describe women who are mixed (but not always) who have “good hair,” which most of the time means closer to the texture of white people. So could Beyonce be using the term Becky has a way of discussing societal beauty standards and the struggles black women face within those parameters? Perhaps. The beauty of Lemonade is that Beyonce wrote this album as a black women for black women and her lyrics and references should be examined through that lens. At the end of the day the album is a celebration of black women and Beyonce telling us she is here for us and we are here for her.


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