Listen To The First Single "Fades" From ZULUZULUU's Debut

From the first time I saw them play about a year and a half ago, the genre-fluid, Greg Grease-led ZULUZULUU has been among my favorite live acts in the Twin Cities, or anywhere really. The only problem was that until now, they had only one recorded song. At the end of last week, they released the single Fades, from their upcoming project What's The Price, slotted for release on Juneteenth. 

Fades is a reflection on the futility of small talk, a nudge to those who speak a whole lot but aren't saying anything, showcasing vocals of singer and keyboard player Taylor "Proper-T" Johnson at centerstage. I had a the opportunity to attend the What's The Price listening party this past Saturday and I can guarantee, Fades is just scratching the surface. 

ZULUZULUU will be playing with Pho and the modern funk god Dam-Funk on June 9th at the Amsterdam, in what is sure to be one of the livest shows of the summer. You can (and should) pick up pre-sale tickets here.