Watch Kweku Collins break the rules in new "Stupid Rose" Video


words by Evan Winter


Kweku Collins, the Chicago-area rapper and producer just barely out of high school, recently shared a visual for "Stupid Rose," a standout track from his most recent LP, Nat Love. Collins' straightforward, raw voice over a groovy D'Angelo flip conveys a carefree attitude brought to life by the video.

In the visual, Collins sets off to deliver a bouquet of roses, and does everything in his power to get them there –- only to abandon the mission halfway through, and spend the remainder of the day kicking it with friends. They skate in the street, perch on rooftops and partake in whatever nonsense the day brings; it's a story of letting go of your troubles and just enjoying the world around you -- even if only for a day. 

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Milwaukee artist WebsterX, one of Collins' buddies in the video, tweeted a quick explanation of the direction behind it: