Pop Lock And Recap: 6/15 Edition

words and artwork by Badhaftu Kadir


Rita Ora and Jay-z settle their lawsuit and the singer took a snap showing her signing a new contract. Hopefully, this will make her stop trying to be an alt Rihanna and get her life together.


Beyonce wins CFDA  fashion icon award and also makes us all cry because that's what she's good at.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic soccer star extraordinaire debuted his sports line titled A-Z. He teamed up with Norwegian apparel company Varner to produce the line.


Bieber continues to bless us, throwing together this behind the scenes video of company. Though he did take a loss getting in a fight and getting rocked after game 2 in Cleveland.


While I’ve only lived thru 3 presidents I'm sure gonna miss having a president as fly as Barack Obama, who appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show slow jammin the news.


Even besties get into fights and it seems that Vic Mensa and Chance the Rapper might have a beef brewing. Vic cropped chance out of a picture he previously posted and freestyled some cryptic lyrics about fake friends, though a mutual friend called it nothing let's see how this play out.


Media giant Gawker had to file for bankruptcy after losing a legal battle to Hulk Hogan earlier this year.


Lil B the Based God is back at it again, this time, cursing D'Angelo Russell with the Lakers where they are who's to say it will even make a difference.


American Apparel seems to finally be doing something not shady or it could be a PR stunt who can never be sure. Regardless the company released make America gay again hats shirts etc with 30% of proceeds going to help pass legislation.


Is Steph Curry a liar or a scammer? It seems so after he told everyone his dad-like Under Armour shoes were fire on national television.


The ever fashionable ASAP Rocky was just named the face of the new Dior campaign.



Where's the Love for the Women of Grime?

Who Benefits From Being Woke?

Rae Sremmurd deserve to be taken as seriously as they have always taken themselves.

Please Don’t Stop the Music

Why It's Bullsh*t to Say a Black Celebrity 'Transcends Race'

Snapchat Launches a Colossal Expansion of Its Advertising, Ushering in a New Era for the App Unveils new API and $1 billion goal



Zanzibar - Belly ft Juicy J

All Nite - Clams Casino ft Vince Staples

Vibin in this Bih - Kodak Black

Laundry - Asher Roth ft Michael  Christmas & Larry June

According To My Watch - Chief Keef



Shake out all your nervous energy and get ready for calm waters. Here’s your week!