Listen to ZULUZULUU's Debut What's The Price?

words by Eamon Whalen


With several years of live shows under the belts (the most recent of which was at Greenroom's show with Dam-Funk), the otherworldly six part ensemble known as ZULUZULUU finally released their debut full-length What's The Price yesterday. Based in Minneapolis but claiming members from as far as California and North Carolina with musical backgrounds spread out across the spectrum, What's The Price gives you the feeling that these are exactly the six people who should be making music together right here, right now. They know no genre, instead guided by the ancestral spirit of funk. 

Below are statements from members Greg Grease and MMYYYKK.


"I look at ZULUZULUU as a vessel, a spiritual, sonic culmination of our experiences and influences from our ancestors and guiding lights. With what's the price we ask just that. Can we commodify ones life and culture? Is there a price? What's the price? Why? We pay homage to those who came before us with sonic meditations." 



For me ZuluZuluu is church, it's therapy, it's family, It's a space where we can express ourselves freely as  black men with no limitations. I also see Zuluzuluu as a conduit, channeling the will and energy of our ancestors and community.  It's truly a meditation, almost like a trance when we lock in together on stage or in the studio. This album is the culmination of many individual experiences as well as joint experiences as black folk and human beings. What is the price to live? What is the price of freedom?