River Tiber Crafts a Sound All His Own On His Debut Album "Indigo"

Words by Taylor Lovaas

Cooking up releases with the likes of Pusha T, Kaytranada and Minnesota's Doc Mckinney as of late you can also find the smooth, soft texture of River Tiber's voice layered between Popcaan's interlude and Drake's outro verse on "No Tellin'." Sampled by super-producer Frank Dukes, the entirety of the track you hear, "No Talk," is now available on Tiber's debut album Indigo. Dark, looming synthesizers mesh with drums, guitar and bass all played by Tiber himself as he repeats 'no tellin'' in a groaning croon. Read the album credits, Tiber, born Tommy Paxton-Beesley, does pretty much everything while creating electronic, instrumental-heavy R&B.

Photo via  Twitter

Photo via Twitter

Along with the aforementioned instrument work, Tiber also adds cello, trombone and violin to tracks. Mostly dark in mood the album boasts only two features, Danny Caesar and Tess Parks, both from Tiber's hometown of Toronto. Tracks like "I'm A Stone" and "Motives" add in a heavier, melody-driven bass line to keep your head moving among the merky vocals and woozy, off-kilter beats. Listen from front to back for the full experience of Tiber's genius.