Mick Jenkins Is "Sunkissed" On New Song With 1800 Tequila

While fans wait patiently for his upcoming album, The Healing Component, Mick Jenkins released a new track featuring fellow Chicago artist theMIND in the meantime.

"Sunkissed" centers on black empowerment and the mainstream's relentless fascination with black culture: "You love my style / You love my skin / That melanin, that melanin, that melanin, that melanin." The overt socio-political message nips any "sellout" accusations in the bud; his subversive use of corporate resources to get his message out speaks greatly to his combination of talent and awareness.

The simple, laid-back beat from Da-P lets Mick's lyrics and message take center stage – with each line, Mick critiques the way our society tends to indiscriminately accept things as truth: "I mean whose history's author? / You was never right if you read it right / Am I throwing shade, am I shedding light?"

Though THC doesn't yet have an exact release date, the album is expected sometime this summer. Listen to the new track below.