Listen To Beyond The Shores by MMYYKK

photo via  MMYYKK's twitter

words by Eamon Whalen

Mychal Fisher, aka Myke Shevy, aka MMYYKK is quite the renaissance man. You may know him from his work as the creative director of media production company Sway Heavy where he's directed music videos for 9th House, Greg Grease, Bones & Beeker and Meta and documented the 4th Precinct Occupation last fall, among other projects.

You may also know him as part of the celestial, Afro-funk band ZULUZULUU, where he offers backing vocals, keys and plays alto saxophone. If you go farther back in time you may also know him as producer and rapper @quatic Son for shortly lived and very slept on duo Midwest Konnect

Today, he is the solo artist known as MMYYKK, and Beyond The Shores is a bright self-produced tune about dreaming to escape the madness and wander the world with that special someone. It's part of a recent compilation put together by Jon Jon Scott of Sound Verite Records that can be found here