Who To Watch At Pitchfork

PITCHFORK FESTIVAL: Music festival at Union Park (Chicago) July 15-17, 2016

Words by : Anthonia Eboreime (@thelitestyle)


Pitchfork Music Festival, a 3-day music festival at Union Park in Chicago is approaching fast. Celebrating its 11th year of bringing the best emerging music acts. They kept the momentum going with yet another cohesive line-up. These are the top acts to catch at Pitchfork Music Festival this year. I hope it helps narrow your options and help you make informed decisions on what to see. You paid for it so you better get your money’s worth!


Friday, July 15


Electronic, disco, hip house

8:15pm at the Blue Stage

SHAMIR! Now, he knows how to put on a show. He comes ready to slay every stage he graces. If this performance is like any in the past then it will be very energetic and interactive. He does call and response with a few of his songs and constantly encourages his audience to let loose and immerse themselves in the music and moment. He is definitely worth seeing! His performance will definitely get you feeling TURNT UP.

Not sold? Check this out “On the Regular”.


Carly Rae Jepsen

Pop, Electropop Dance-pop

6:25pm at the Green Stage

Carly Rae Jepsen is a pop artist signed to Justin Bieber, she is known to deliver a catchy song every year or so. She makes good music and as you can imagine – she has some hardcore fans. Her shows are said to be very well done in regards to stage production, sound, and performance. She sounds great live and of course, her fans couldn’t get enough. Seeing Carly Rae would be a guilt-pleasure, it’ll be that act you have no expectation for but might end up really enjoying. This is a wildcard!

Need more? Watch “Call Me Maybe


Mick Jenkins

Hip hop

6:15pm at the Blue Stage

If you are a hip hop fan, then Mick Jenkins is definitely must-see. He definitely gives the crowd their money’s worth! Although Mick Jenkins is not for everybody. His lyrics are for a selective and refined palette, more conscious for sure. But regardless of what type of hip hop or rap music you listen too, Mick performance will definitely impress you. His confidence and diction command the attention of any crowd.

Not sure if Mick is right for you? Give him a try and watch  


Moses Sumney

Soul. Folk.

5:15pm at the Blue Stage

I discovered singer-songwriter,  Moses Sumney  a while ago on Saint Heron (Solange’s music/lifestyle blog). I was intrigued by how full and textured his voice was; I watched some of his videos on YouTube and the rest is history.  Sumney’s beautiful voice and mesmerizing lyrics will steal the show.

Need validation? This is all you need to watch this live performance of “Plastic”.



Indie rock, psychedelic pop

4:15pm at the Blue Stage

Whitney is an indie band from Chicago and they just released their debut project ‘Light upon the Lake’. They are very much a quickly emerging band, my friends have spoken highly about them and their music. So, I look forward to seeing them live. There is no better experience than seeing artists perform in their hometown, so hopefully Whitney puts on a show for their city.

Check out,  “No Matter Where We Go

Saturday, July 16

Sufjan Stevens

Indie folk, psychedelic pop

8:30pm at the Green Stage

Stevens is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I think that alone is enough reason to catch his performance. He has also collaborated with noteworthy artists such as Sisyphus, Serengeti, St. Vincent, Gallant and much more. He is known to put on a great show! He is one of those artists that you can’t pigeonhole when it comes to his live performances, he might play an instrument or three, bring out a few guests etc. You just never know and that is the thrill of it. So don’t miss him!

Get excited with, “Should Have Known Better”

Anderson.Paak & The Free Nationals

Hip hop, R&B, soul, funk

7:50pm at the Blue Stage

A.PAAK! He put out an amazing project earlier this year, ‘Malibu’, inked a deal with Aftermath and Dr. Dre, became a part of the 2016 XXL Freshman Class and much more. This guy is king of the music festival season this year. There is no denying that this guy has gotten the art of performing live down to a science. He tailors his set list and performance to each crowd and strives to give his audiences an amazing show and he achieves that. He really knows to get the crowd rocking. He plays multiple instruments during his sets and performs with all his might.

Watch his Kimmel performance of  “Am I Wrong”.


Blood Orange

folk, contemporary R&B, jazz, soul and electronic

5:15pm at the Red Stage

Blood Orange is an artist moniker that Dev Hynes goes by. He just released a new album titled ‘Freetown Sound’. I would put this performance is on the same caliber as Sufjan Stevens in regards to the fact Blood Orange has a lot of noteworthy collaborators and is very multi-dimensional when it comes to his live performances. This is one of the first few shows he would be playing since the release of his new project so it should be a very exciting show.

Watch,  “Augustine


Digable Planets

Jazz, Rap, Alternative hip hop

3:20pm at the Red Stage

This genre –bending trio based in Brooklyn, NY is known not only for the good music they make but also for their band trials and tribulations. They have publicly disbanded a few times to each pursue solo endeavors but they have recently been able to put their differences aside to tour again and hopefully make some new music. They do have highly praised live performances and make great music as a collective. So this is your chance to see them together if you haven’t seen them before and hopefully, it won’t be their last time.

Revisit the “Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)

BJ the Chicago Kid

R&B, Neo soul, soul, hip hop soul

2:20pm the Blue Stage

Seeing BJ live needs no introduction or explanation. He recently released his debut project ‘In My Mind’ and is currently embarking on his first headlining tour in support of his new album. BJ is a phenomenal artist! He is very confident and bold, if you are not familiar with him or his music prior to this, you’ll most certainly not forget him after the fact. Don’t miss this one!

Check out, “Love Inside


Sunday, July 17 aka THE BEST NIGHT!

FKA twigs

Electronic, alternative R&B, pop

8:30pm at the Green Stage

Twigs is a multi-talented artist. Her debut album ‘LP1’is highly praised and rightly so. She is a singer, songwriter, producer, director, and dancer. She infused every avenue of her creativity into her live performances. She is a performer in every essence of the word. She is mystical, magical and a very intriguing act. She will definitely spark your interest. She also recently debuted some new music at a show in Europe so hopefully, she’ll be performing some new music at Pitchfork as well.

Practice your sexiest dance moves with “Pendulum


Alternative R&B, Pop, Funk

7:25pm at the Red Stage

Three words: Hot. Hot Hotness. Miguel definitely oozes SEX & LUST! He is good for some crazy dances, hip gyration, and smooth vibes. The ladies always lose it when Miguel is performing and that alone is worth seeing. He loves it and caters to female fans for sure.

Listen to “coffee


R&B, hip hop, pop

6:15pm at the Green Stage

Mr. Birthday Sex himself! Jeremih is much underrated, his debut album ‘Late Night’ is a very cohesive project and deserves more love. That aside, I think Jeremih is a good live performer. He has many hits so it’s nice to see the crowd respond when he drops one of his many hits. Jeremih has a very diverse fan base believe it or not. A lot of his songs and tracks that he has been featured often crossover to pop charts and take off. So you’ll be surprised to see the people who will be going CRAZY when he hit the stage. Another ladies man so you’ll get a lot of lusty vibes and tunes but it’s all in fun. I saw Jeremih when he headlined UMN Spring Jam concert and when he was a surprise guest at Beyoncé’s Minneapolis formation world tour stop. Both times we very fun and Jeremih PERFORMS till the last second in his set. I’ll give him that.

Check out “Oui


Soul, jazz fusion, electronic funk

5:45pm at the Blue Stage

Thundercat is another artist that needs no explanation as to why you should see anytime you get the chance too.  You should just do it. But if you need reasons here are some. He put out an amazing project ‘The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam’ last year. He went joined ‘The Internet’ on some European dates for their ‘Ego Death Tour’, which all sold out. Some of collabs include : Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, Bilal Terrance Martin. Saying that he is an amazing performer is an underestimate, you just have to make sure to catch his set and experience it.

Start the groove with “Them Changes”.


Kamasi Washington


3:20pm at Red Stage

You have probably heard some of Kamasi’s music and not even know it. He has played sax on Kendrick Lamar’s, To Pimp A Butterfly, and played next to Thundercat and Flying Lotus.  His live performances are highly praised and held to high esteem by fans, critics and publications He performs with a full band and it really heightens the experience. His live performance are a full body  experience that will sweep you off your feet for sure.

Need preparation for this performance? Check out, “Re Run Home”.



Soul, Funk, Electronic

2:50pm at Blue Stage

NAO, a quick rising artist from the UK.  She has worked with well-respected producers such as Disclosure, Mura Masa and A. K. Paul. She is rocking with two solid projects and her debut album to drop later this month. She recently finished a small US tour Mura Masa and Bonzai.  She is definitely on the cusp of being and doing great things. This is one of those performances that will be a defining moment for a career.  Don’t miss this one!

Need to learn Nao’s songs before the show? Catch up with the latest single, “Girlfriend”. Then watch her cover of  “Ritual Union”.


Check out the map and rest of the schedule to be totally prepared. See you at Pitchfork!