Sophia Eris Releases Self-Titled Album in Solo Debut

photo by Brad Ogbonna // cover   photo by Asha Efia

photo by Brad Ogbonna // cover photo by Asha Efia

words by Evan Winter


At Rock The Garden 2016, Minneapolis hip hop group GRRRL PRTY performed together on stage for the final time. Now, former member Sophia Eris is making her solo debut with an eight-track self-titled album.  

Produced entirely by Minneapolis producer Prophis, the album is at times soothing, slow and introspective; at other times it's bouncy and energetic –– but it always maintains a smooth R&B vibe. The confidence and quality delivered on Eris' solo debut solidifies the singer, rapper and DJ as a force of her own. 

Eris currently DJs and provides backup vocals for Lizzo, as well as radio DJ at Minnesota's new hip-hop station, Go95.3MN.

Listen to Sophia Eris' solo debut below: