Premiere: MMYYKK releases solo debut EP, Love In Synthesis

words by Eamon Whalen

For much of his still-rising career, the Minneapolis transplant by way southern-California MMYYKK has played a relatively background role, whether that's behind the camera shooting music videos and protests, behind the boards producing for 9th House or Greg Grease, or most recently behind the synthesizer, singing backup vocals for ZULUZULUU. 

Today, MMYYKK steps into the solo spotlight, as we bring you the premiere of his self-produced debut project "Love In Synthesis," that showcases his brightly tender voice, reinterpreting Dwele and Slum Village classics while hovering in the same sonic orbit as say, a Foreign Exchange, but with a little more knock. In an email to Greenroom, MMYYKK opened up about the inspiration behind the project. 

This EP is about my experiences with love in its various forms over the years. It's about love of self and learning how to love and appreciate myself in a world that doesn't always reciprocate that love and appreciation. It's also about endless love and longing for that lasting and truly intimate loving relationship. It also touches on infatuation and the sensation of experiencing new love. And of course it embodies my love of music, sound and synthesis. When one listens to this EP, I want them to feel that love energy. I want to synthesize that love within them through the music. It's love in synthesis. 

I was really in my feels throughout the process of making this record. It was a lot of ups and downs. I guess I was really just processing what I've been going through over the past couple of years in life and relationships. I also started working on it around the same time me and the guys started working on the ZuluZuluu record, so I think the energies of the two really helped to fuel each other. I learned a lot about myself over the course of making this record so I'm really excited for folks to hear it. 

The EP is available for stream below and purchase on Bandcamp here.