Pop, Lock And Recap 7/27 Edition: Go-Go Buddens


words and artwork by Badhaftu Kadir


Kid Cudi joined the cast of FOX’s breakout hit Empire where he’ll play Hakeem, the Lyon's new rap nemesis.


Kanye continues to shine in the fashion word, starring in a new Balmain ad in a modified version of the bejeweled jean jacket he wore at the MET.


Michael Jordan, who has traditionally kept quiet about social issues released a statement on police brutality and donated 2 million dollars to International Association of Chiefs of Police’s newly established Institute for Community-Police Relations and the NAACP Legal Defense fund.


Trouble in paradise? Rob Kardashian has deleted all his pictures off his Instagram except for one of himself. Blac Chyna has done no such thing but hasn't posted in a couple weeks maybe they're just doing a rebrand or maybe they've broken up either way will no doubt hear about it  or see it play out on tv. 


In the year 2016 teens can punk rappers at there own home get chased by said rapper and then said rapper will get turned into a meme, bless. Joe Budden, the number 1 Drake hater had some kids run up on him rapping Drake lyrics and didn't take to kindly to it.


Lil Yachty may be the most positive teen out right now starred in a documentary this week titled Keep Sailing organized by The Fader. In it he talks music friendship and just wanting to be himself. Check it out


With less than a month away it seems like Brazilian officials haven't managed to get there shit together for the Rio De Janeiro Olympics. There is exposed wiring and the smell of gas and water leaking from the wall of the athlete housing. So looks like we’ll all watch a city burn on live tv this August. 


In local news that will surely go national, over 70 peaceful protestors were forcibly and violently arrested at the St. Paul Governor's mansion occupation throughout a tense, deception and terror-filled day. While Mark Dayton watched Sandra Bland's mother speak at the DNC, numerous protestors were unnecessarily removed from his front yard and put in jail cells. The irony, it stings.


Family, friends and former classmates of Philando Castile, the Black man who was killed by a police officer igniting the protests and Governor's mansion occupation, are planning a day of remembrance and scholarship fund at his alma mater St. Paul Central Sunday August 21.  



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Hated on me  - Lil Durk ft Future

Pussy Print - Gucci Mane ft Kanye West

Timmy Turner - Desiigner

H2o - Ramriddlz 

Deep End - THEY.

Limelite - Austin Millz ft Anishka 



Slow down this week and make informed decisions, here’s your week!