Premiere: Watch GYM Debut Video "Breakdown"

words by Eamon Whalen

Today we bring you the first look at the debut video from GYM, a singer who's been making his name around Minneapolis over the past year playing at various live shows, and with an impressive first single, "Breakdown." Gym bounces between Las Vegas and Minneapolis, where his brother, The Money Team-signed rapper Lil Jamez also resides. As it turns out, "Breakdown" (produced by The Ark and Jay Estate) was a song that actually kept him in the Twin Cities where he's become enmeshed in the slowly bubbling R&B scene, one that includes Saint LaRon, who makes an appearance in the video directed by New Wave Group. Keep an eye on GYM's full length, 2:30 coming this fall. 

To hear GYM tell it:

Breakdown is one of the first songs that I recorded when I got back to Minneapolis from Las Vegas. In November, 2015 I debuted my music for the first time at a show. It went very well, and I decided to stay in Minneapolis for a extra week to connect with people because I was only supposed to be there for one week to perform and record. My friend DJ Odiño introduced me to a producer named The Ark, we kicked it all night playing beats, and free-styling a lot of vocals and different raps to see how we connected on a musical level. He played a beat that had this crazy guitar on it, my friends and I instantly started to chant "you, you, you,you." Long story short I didn't not go back home to Vegas. The inspiration for Breakdown video was just raw, fun vibes with friends and young natural culture. I really just wanted people to see the shit that I see, how I see it.