Pop, Lock and Recap 8/31: Teddy's done and Kaepernick takes a seat


words and artwork by Badhaftu Kadir



Imagine that the world is burning, baby starfish are falling from the sky, but people can’t stop talking about Colin Kaepernick. Kaep sat down during the national anthem this past Sunday,  citing America's oppression and mistreatment of Black people and people of color. Of course  everyone and their mom have let us know how they feel, and inevitably in the era of twitter your fav will disappoint you. One example being Jerry Rice who really just did all lives matter us. If we could all just stay off the internet forever that would be nice.

Drake is releasing a film soon called Please Forgive Me let's  hope it's actually a short film and not just alternative music videos.

Joanne the Scammer pulls off her greatest heist yet scamming people into believing this countdown was to something important and then it just ended up being her .

The VMAs were this weekend and while there weren't any shocking performances, there were many beautiful ones check em out here.

Obama commutes 111 sentences today, many of them being drug charges which is great and all but what would be better would be the abolishment of minimum sentencing for drug charges to begin with. You know, a more just and equitable justice system.

Being a Minnesota sports fan means expecting disappointment and here we are again with Teddy Bridgewater tearing his ACL. 

Chris Brown is back in the news with some more drama.  Last night around 3am, someone called the police alleging that Chris pulled a gun on her. Later in the day police surrounded his complex and he made videos exclaiming that he did nothing wrong. Finally, this afternoon he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.


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Mercury is back in retrograde so of course start blaming your shortcomings on it instead of changing! Here’s your week.