Denzel Curry hops on Nell's "Redemption"

words by Evan Winter

South Florida rapper and Raider Klan affiliate Nell released a new song called "Redemption," featuring friend and fellow Carol City native Denzel Curry. Produced by Australian duo FNZ – who were all over Curry's last album, Imperial and Rex Rogers, the new record is a testament to the excess of young talent coming out of the Miami neighborhood.

Curry seems at home on the dark, layered beat; the 2016 XXL Freshman demolishes his verse and takes it a step further, showing some versatility and playing with melodies as he sings "Even when I die I live eternally / Life of a true revolutionary / Mental, my frame mostly military / Die on my feet, couldn't live on my knees".

Nell lays down a solid verse and delivers the emboldening chorus as though he's spitting it into a megaphone: "With a little bit of trust, my nigga we can take over the world / So realize it’s way bigger than us / We represent our generation forever, and we ready to ride whenever it's pressure / We gonna get through it together".  

Stream the new track below and read our feature on Curry from last year.