Max Wonders and Marco McKinnis know your "Fantasy"

Photo via  Twitter

Photo via Twitter

words by Evan Winter

The youth-centric ethos of Chicago up-and-comer Max Wonders is ubiquitous across his entire catalogue, and his new debut album, Hues To Blame, is no exception. Despite being just 19 years old, the rapper has already delivered three elaborate projects and has been making music for over three years.

On "Fantasy" – a dense, evocative love song – Wonders is joined by Marco McKinnis, a young and talented R&B singer from Hampton, Virginia. The 18-year-old singer's sweet voice brings a clarity and sharpness to the lush, textured production and Wonders' hazy, gruff vocals and tongue-twisting rhymes.

Wonders is fresh out of high school and diving headfirst into unfamiliar territory – and Hues, released on his 19th birthday, reflects that. "This album was made for the kids that stare at the ceiling at night and wonder about what's going to happen next in their life's movie," the rapper explained in a note to his fans. 

Check out "Fantasy" with Marco McKinnis below.