Pop, Lock And Recap 9/20 Edition

words and artwork by Badhaftu Kadir


The blessed people over at Marvel reimagined some iconic hip hop poses and acts as comic book characters and it's wonderful.

Kid Cudi is tired of being taking advantage of and aired out his grievances for us on twitter even naming out the likes of Kanye and Drake. Of course King corny himself, Drake, couldn't let that sit and at a concert quoted OT Genasis, changing the lyric to Cudit, because who can hate on a dad pun.

While I think hashtags to get out the vote are kinda dumb, you gotta hand it to Chance The Rapper who teamed up with the NAACP to register people to vote while he's on tour. 

Kanye was busy this week serenading fans and joining instagram let's hope he just fills it with cute pictures of North and Saint from now on.

Another day, another person trying to convince us cultural appropriation isn't bad, or real. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs was criticized for the multi-color dreads his models wore at a recent show and he took to his Instagram to remind people that he doesn't see color, but also how come women of color can straighten their hair??? After reading more comments, Marc has decided to apologize for “lack of sensitivity.” But he still maintains we can all participate and enjoy all things and please stop bullying him for goodness sakes. 

The lames of the NFL are back at it again fining Steelers Antonio Brown almost 10K for twerking in the endzone. I pray for a league where people can have fun and show off without having to pay until then I guess we’ll ask for them to part with a small amount of their hard earned cash.

Kimmy Kimmy Turner never one to shy from the media has decided to get a little political. The Kardashian took out a whole page ad in the New York Times to shit on the Wall Street Journal for printing an ad that effectively denied the Armenian genocide. 


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Mercury is nearing the end of its retrograde and were going into the calming and balancing Libra szn praise. Here’s your week!