Let loose with Dave B's new song "Mister Softee"

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words by Evan Winter

On the heels of his Sango-produced project Tomorrow, Seattle rapper Dave B is already back with another smooth single. The Northwest up-and-comer has teamed up with veteran Seattle producer Jake One,  on a brand new song called "Mister Softee."

The warm, laid back production channels the stress-free days of chasing ice cream trucks, wasting the day with friends and not worrying about much else. Though the title may hearken back to much earlier days of youthful bliss, Dave B – with a versatile delivery that veers deftly from tight rhymes to infectious croons – crafts his story for a more contemporary context.   

The Seattle native's dynamic debut EP Punch Drunk and aforementioned Sango collaboration have proven he's a force to be reckoned with, garnering eyes and ears from around the nation – but the down-to-earth emcee doesn't fail to remind us that what's important in his latest track's opening line, "I'm having fun for fuck's sake."

Stream "Mister Softee" below, and check out the video for my personal favorite off his Punch Drunk EP, "Leaves," also produced by Jake One.