Listen to Minneapolis pop-R&B duo vlush's "Tetra"

words by Evan Winter

A few months ago Greenroom premiered "Getaway" by the Minneapolis pop-R&B duo vlush (known as "Tricky" at the time), which was in collaboration with fellow South Minneapolis rapper Drelli. Now, the innovative team of two is back with "Tetra," another undeniably groovy track with a celestial sound of its own.

The production is dynamic, evocative and immersive – sometimes dreamy and distal, with prominent, layered vocals and relatively sparse instruments giving it a futuristic feel; other times it invites lush texture and a wide array of sounds as it thumps along, a familiar bounce in tow.

vlush is comprised of producer DannyTV and vocalist and engineer lush v. The latter engineered and laid background vocals on the rapper's latest release "Für Ever," as well as past hits like "Exotic" with Allan Kingdom and "TWPL" with 

Stream "Tetra" below, and if you haven't already, check out our premiere of "Getaway" here.