Twelve'Len's new video "All Week Long" is unlike anything you've ever seen

words by Evan Winter

From the same Miami neighborhood as South Florida standout Denzel Curry is Twelve'Len, the carefree Carol City singer who categorizes his genre-bending sound as a blend of rock and soul. In addition to his own three-plus years of material, he's laid vocals on a few of Curry's songs – most recently "If Tomorrow's Not Here" from Imperial. He just dropped a wildly creative short film titled "All Week Long," to accompany the third single called "Jack & Ginger" from his forthcoming album Fri(ends).

Directed, filmed and animated by Jonathan M. Machado, the video is quite a masterpiece; from the Mr. Robot- and Stranger Things-themed intro, to the 2-D collage style and trippy net art aesthetic throughout, the visuals are out of this world. As the singer travels through space, time and dimensions – whether by Uber, plane or UFO – he never stops looking for his loved one as he sings, "I gotta wait all week long, until I could have you / The distance between us, it kills me too / When life becomes work, home, work, it's like deja vu / But all week long I dream, and be patient and wait for you."

Twelve'Len described how the video's concept came about to The FADER: "Machado came up with the space travel idea in order to enter another dimension and find love — as well as other underlying messages that I rather the audience strip and discover themselves while watching. The woman in the video is a multi-cultural collage, representing the divine feminine."

Check out the video for "All Week Long" below, and stream the newly released Fri(end)s album, which features the song "Jack & Ginger," from the video.