The Internet's Matt Martians steps out of the shadows with his debut solo project, "The Drum Chord Theory"

words by Evan Winter

Matt Martians – a founding member of Odd Future and current member of its Grammy-nominated offshoot The Internet – delivered his debut solo LP The Drum Chord Theory on Thursday. The 12-track album features guest verses and production from bandmates Syd and Steve Lacy, rapper Kari Faux, and Tyler, the Creator. It's a warm, jazzy project that incorporates funk, R&B and neo-soul into its hazy, psychedelic sound.

Martians is a multi-talented musician whose titles include singer, songwriter, producer, keyboardist and illustrator. He's behind a vast array of music from various groups over the years, but he's largely stayed out of the spotlight until now. 

A few hours before the releasing the album, Martians shared a video for its second single and stand-out track "Dent Jusay," produced by Tyler, the Creator and featuring Syd and Lacy.


The Drum Chord Theory's release may position Martians as more of a focal point for the group than in the past, but he's not the only one of his bandmates to venture into solo territory – Syd and Lacy both have solo projects coming in the near future. Syd recently shared two hypnotic tracks – "All About Me" and "Body" – from her upcoming album Fin, expected to drop in early February; Lacy has shared one track, "Some," from his forthcoming collection of demos, Steve Lacy's Demo, which he says was produced entirely on his iPhone. 

But don't worry, the solo projects aren't the end of The Internet –– last week the group announced a new tour, during which the members will play their solo work while bandmates act play backup.

Check out Martian's solo debut, The Drum Chord Theory, below.