St. Paul producer Blanda drops debut EP "Blue Flannels"


words by Evan Winter

St. Paul native Blanda delivered his debut EP called Blue Flannels a few days ago. The 20-year-old producer's six-track project consists of dizzying electronic beats that incorporate flavors of jazz, funk and more.

The instrumental project shows off Blanda's creative and versatile approach to production; songs like "Sinquisitive" and "Adhesive" incorporate both smooth, jazzy sounds and jarring EDM-style drops fit for a nightclub. "Trust" slowly and softly builds to a hectic climax, but retains its peaceful vibe throughout. "Für Audri" is the beat behind Drelli's "Für Ever," one of two big tracks from the producer-rapper duo. 

Listen to four tracks from Blue Flannels below, or head over to Spotify or Apple Music to hear the full project.