Bobby Raps releases firey single "Desensitized"

photo by Asha Efia

photo by Asha Efia

words by Eamon Whalen


A nationwide sold-out tour with your friends, a viral sensation sponsored by a Fortune 500 corporation, a writing and production credit on a song by The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar, a new home in sunny Los Angeles, a cover story in this magazine (hehe). In what's been a whirlwind two years, you might expect St. Paul's prodigal son Bobby Rap's forthcoming solo project, MARK, to have a celebratory tone.

That might've been the case, if his past two years hadn't also come with personal tragedy, emotional insecurity and more than one brush with death. All that, combined with the all-too-common realization that fame isn't what it's cracked up to be, might make a budding rap star want to cut off from the world. On his new intensely personal single "Desensitized," Bobby gives the listener a glimpse of what lies behind the veil, drifting in between a softly-sung hook and top-of-his-lungs catharsis over a haunting, hypnotic self-produced track.

Over the five or so years I've known Bobby, he's never sounded so tortured. Coincidentally or not, he's never sounded better. 

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