Premiere: Spencer Joles explores a new sound in "Unfold"

words by Eamon Whalen

If you've heard of Spencer Joles, you probably know him as the rapper and producer that makes up one half of the south Minneapolis, vagrant rap group with Nazeem. They've been omnipresent on Minneapolis rap lineups -- including Soundset 2017 -- since their debut, "The Album," was released around a year ago.  

But over the past few months Joles has been releasing a slow, steady stream of songs on his soundcloud that take a left turn away from aggressive, syllable-stacking and goes inward. While his work with Nazeem evokes a bare-knuckle brawl in a sweaty club, Joles new material brings to mind a solitary writer hunched over their guitar late into the night, trying to translate the magic, and emotional torture of fleeting love into song.    

"Unfold," is one of those new Spencer Joles songs, that he plans to release in a project of "soul, folk and experimental R&B," and that Greenroom is premiering today. In an email, Joles explained the concept behind the video and song:

"The video is a candid vignette that brings people into the lonely and lovesick world of a hopeless romantic. We wanted the style of the video to resemble the feel of a independent drama shot on 16mm film. This is the title track from my upcoming album which will be a mix of Soul, Folk, and experimental  R&B with themes of mental illness, existential crises, and navigating through the modern world of love. The desire to make this project was due to emotionally charged spontaneous late night outbursts of singing and songwriting and realizing the cathartic value of doing so. The song itself is about wearing your heart on your sleeve and trying to gain the love and affection of a crush and looking at the situation with rose colored lenses even though it probably wont work out."