Listen to From This World? by MMYYKK and IMAME


On the heels of his band ZULUZULUU wrapping up a supporting slot on Atmosphere's Welcome To California tour (and a few months before they play Afropunk Atlanta), the producer, vocalist and synthesizer enthusiast MMYYKK dropped off a two track EP he made with a relative newcomer rapper, IMAME, called From This World.

According to MMYYKK, their chemistry developed during a session recording ZULU's What's The Price record, when a mutual friend brought IMAME by the studio. "I really appreciated the depth and density of his bars. You really have to listen a few times to crack the codes," wrote MMYYKK in an email to Greenroom. They also found kinship over a shared fascination with questions of human nature and the otherworldly. "We both have this fascination with the cosmos and the universe which shines through in both our individual styles and definitely is amplified when we work together." Take a first listen to the EP below.